SunWater Spa, Manitou Springs CO • 2018​

I created this video as a banner header for the Sunwater Spa homepage to feature the variety that SunWater Spa has to offer in a visually interesting and dynamic way.

I shot raw video, produced and animated the motion graphics, and completed the editing for this project. My goal was for the banner to communicate the quality and diversity of SunWater’s offerings while being non-intrusive to website browsing; I aimed for a clean visual aesthetic and prioritized legibility.

My coworker – a fellow videographer – and I shot all this footage and more, over the years of my employment at the SunWater Spa.

I used Adobe After Effects for the motion graphics, and Final Cut Pro for compiling the clips into the final edit.

This was just one of the many video projects that I shot, edited, and produced for SunWater over the years. From promotional material to yoga meditation courses and more, I’ve had my hands in hundreds of hours of footage and dozens of finalized videos.

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