Graphic Design, Videography, Web Design, Photography

A collection of my varied graphic design and video work. From branding to web design, print materials and publication work, promotional videos, interviews, educational courses and animation.

Clement & Pekoe Website

Website for the Dublin based speciality coffee and tea shop.

Hanuman Festival website

A total rebuild of the Hanuman Festival website. Giving the brand a fresh identity for the 2018 Festival

SunWellness website

A complete rebuild of the SunWater and SunMountain websites, combining them into one main portal

Thomas was Alone Game informer Magazine

Recreation of the popular “Gameinformer” magazine.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Ball Invitation

Invitation to a black tie benefit event at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Changing of the Seasons Kinetic Typography

Kinetic type animation for the song, “Changing of the Seasons 

Experience SunWater Animated Titles

A header video for the SunWater Spa homepage with animated titles displaying some of the spa offerings

Labor Day Liftoff

A commemorative pin for the Local Labor Day Liftoff event

PPCC Web Banner

A web banner created to introduce prospective students to PPCC programs

Pikes Peak Students of Design

Corporate identity created for a local student design group 

Luchnia Productions brand

A brand and business card created for a local production company

Hanuman Festival recap video

Promotional video for Hanuman Festival 2018

SunWellness "Our Story" videos

The history and story behind the SunWellness companies

India Testimonials

Hanuman Adventures India 2018 video testimonials 

In the Dark ad campaign

An ad campaign created for an international caving expedition company