SunWellness Website Design


Sunwellness began as SunWater Spa, a health and wellness spa located in Manitou Springs, Colorado, offering mineral water soaking, yoga classes, spa treatments and more.

In early 2017 the SunWater brand expanded to include SunMountain center, a bed and breakfast, retreat center, and biodynamic farm, with two historic homes in Manitou.

With the brand expansion, the old site was becoming obsolete. For a time we had separate sites for each company, but through analytics and user feedback we found this to be an inefficient way to direct guest through our diverse offerings.

After much planning, the team decided to start work on a singular site, comprised of both SunWater Spa, and SunMountain Center. is the product of two months of intensive design, content creation, coding, and testing, to deliver our clients a comprehensive and user-friendly portal to both of our amazing properties.

In addition to designing the site, I shot, edited, and implemented the photography and video efforts across both brands. Examples of video content can be found at the Our Story page, the SunWellness, and SunWater homepages, and the SunMountain Stay page, among others.


The first step in my process was creating a mindmap for the SunWellness companies, listing possible content breakdown for the website menu structure. This mind map is what I used to figure out the flow between different pages and topics throughout the site. The mind map begins at the homepage, and branches out to various main and subpages. This mind map was a very useful tool to visualise the site structure and connectivity of topics.

After the mind map, I began to mock up what the homepage could look like. The majority of our clientele skews older, and well over half of of our traffic is via mobile devices. With this information, it was important for us to create the site with accessibility and ease of use in mind.

The home pages for each of the companies are very image based, giving users easy and convenient links to navigate to their desired page. We ranked our most profitable offerings through analytics and data analysis and took that information into account when designing the button layout across the site.

From the initial layout I created a prototype in Adobe Xd, then we began the development process using WordPress, bridge, custom HTML, CSS and PHP. My coworker and I worked closely during development, I managed the design and styling aspects of the site build, while he worked on the more in-depth coding challenges, such as the Book your Spa Day page, and the Events page.

During development, we would find areas in which we needed content, such as video or photography to help drive our message. Throughout the process, we planned and created supporting media for the final site.

From mind-map to finished site the project that the majority of June 2017. We officially launched at the end of June and have been on the new site ever since. While the site has been up we have continued to diagnose and fix minor styling and coding problems to ensure users have a seamless experience.