SunWellness Our Story

SunWellness Our Story

The “Our Story” page of the SunWellness site shows users what we’re all about at SunWellness. From our deep connection to the sacred land and ancient traditions to our current outreach programs. We believe in giving back to our community.

My coworker and I produced shot and edited these four videos, first interviewing our founder, Kat Tudor, about the sacred intention and mission of Sunwellness. We then created vignettes on seva, service, and sustainability, all core values of the SunWellness companies.The footage was shot on our locations in Manitou Springs, as well as abroad in Rishikesh India.

Our Sacred Intention

With insights from both Indian and Native American cultures, the guidance of globally respected leaders in the wellness community, and the inspiration of the natural landscapes which surround us, we aspire to create a space for all to explore their consciousness, expand their minds, and strengthen their connections with one another through services, retreats and events offered at SunWater Spa and SunMountain Center.


At SunWellness, we believe that all acts of Seva, no matter how small, positively impact our world, allowing us to build a better, brighter future, and a stronger, more connected community.


Just like our bodies and minds, our spirits crave nourishment through our practice, our experiences, and our thoughts. Through SunMountain Center and SunWater Spa, we strive to create an environment that not only serves the needs to the body, but also the mind and soul.


At SunWellness, we believe seva not only encompasses selfless service of people, but also in service for Mother Earth. From the solar panel heated cedar soaking tubs at SunWater Spa, to the terraced grounds at SunMountain Center, we are here in service and honor of our blessed Earth.