Hanuman Adventures India 2018 Testimonials

Hanuman India Testimonials

In March 2018 I spent a month in Rishikesh India with the Founders of the Hanuman Companies to shoot and produce part two of their online course, and film at the International Yoga Festival, interviewing over 20 master teachers and spiritual leaders to create the free online Yoga summit.

Additionally, while there I shot and produced promotional video and photography content for the yearly yoga retreat to Rishikesh India with Hanuman Adventures.

This collection of three testimonials were shot while in India, interviewing the retreat-goers to take an honest look at their experience in India with Hanuman Adventures. I combined the interview style shots with video captured on the trip to show potential retreat-goers what an amazing and life changing experience India has to offer.

Along with these versions I created edits with subtitles for Facebook, Instagram and newsletter use.