Hanuman Festival website

Hanuman Festival Website

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Hanuman Festival is an on-going yoga festival held annually in Boulder Colorado. The original festival website was dated and confusing to navigate. Much like our approach with SunWellness the design is simplified while being very image heavy.

The Hanuman Festival websites intention is to generate interest for the upcoming festival, as well to be an informational hub and final ticket purchase destination. The majority of our focus was to drive users to tickets and schedule pages for both to inform and for possible conversion. Throughout the site, there are numerous call to action ticket purchase links and newsletter signup opportunities,


Hanuman 2018 promo video


The Hanuman Festival promotional video was shot produced and edited by my colleague and me, and serves to represent the unique energy of the festival, and generate interest for the upcoming festival. This video has served as the introduction to both the site and to some, the festival as a whole.

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