Clement & Pekoe Website


Clement & Pekoe is a speciality coffee and tea shop locally-owned in Dublin Ireland. While on a working holiday visa in Dublin I was a frequent customer of Clement & Pekoe and noticed a need for improved web presence and marketing materials. I approached the owners and within no time I was part of the Clement & Pekoe team.

My role was all-encompassing marketing, but two of my biggest projects were defining a visual identity for the company through photography and design efforts, and updating the exiting dated website with new content and layout.

throughout my time there I massively revised the existing website, created loads of new content, and defined standards for future edits.

The site is built on a custom WordPress theme, based on the “Bones” theme and Bootstrap. The majority of the pages are handwritten PHP template pages, with HTML and CSS written through Atom, uploaded via FTP, and served through WordPress. It was a phenomenal learning experience picking up where another developer left off without any documentation and refining the workflow as I went along.